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Dounia Halal

Dounia Halal Food BrandThe Dounia Halal brand needs no introduction. Every Muslim consumer knows the seriousness with which each dish is prepared in the fundamental respect of the Islamic rite. With Dounia Halal, you not only have the assurance of enjoying a typical family dish, but also that of knowing that your dish is halal and that it has not suffered any cross-contamination…

AHV certification

Dounia Halal certifies all of its products with the AVS certification, which has provided its expertise to the agri-food industries since 1991. AVS certifiers are present throughout the chain, from animal slaughter to packaging and sealing of products.

Quick to cook

It only takes a few minutes in the pan or in the microwave for your Dounia halal dish to be ready to eat.

Longer food storage

Thanks to canning technology, Dounia Halal ready meals can be stored for a long time while preserving their nutritional and taste quality.

Nutrition score

Dounia Halal is committed to nutritional transparency by indicating the Nutri-Score on its range. Dounia Halal works on its recipes to offer you dishes that are as good as they are balanced.

Cooked in France

Dounia Halal products are cooked in our French factories located in Vaucluse.

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