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Halal Affiliate Program


Since 2008, Réghalal has been
supporting you on a daily basis to offer you safe, varied and gourmet halal products.

At Réghalal, we are aware of the difficulties that there may still be to eat Halal in France. That’s why we decided to get involved. Commit to doing everything possible to ensure that Halal food benefits from the same advances and the same level of service as the non-Halal food available today in France. Now is the time to stop compromising with Halal.

Our commitment naturally begins with our offer. Our catalog already offers the widest range of Halal products to French consumers. But we do not intend to stop there and we regularly invest in the development and launch of new products to further open up the field of possibilities in Halal cuisine. Because we think there is no reason not to combine Halal and gastronomy or Halal and Tex-Mex for example.

We are also actively working to select products that meet the expectations of today’s consumers. Because we believe that we should be able to eat Halal and French (all our poultry are born, raised and prepared in France), Halal and local, Halal and organic, Halal and red label, Halal and without nitrite…

Our commitment does not stop where our offer stops. We are indeed convinced that Halal deserves, in general, to be better highlighted. This is why we defend, with our retail partners, the fact of giving Halal the place it deserves in their stores throughout the year and not only during Ramadan. We hope that you will realize, like us, the relevance of this commitment and that many of you will be in solidarity with our efforts and actions.


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