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United Kingdom – Muslim Population & Islamic Communities in the United Kingdom

The United Kingdom began communicating with Muslims since ancient times, as these links date back to the Middle Ages. A large number of Muslims arrived in the United Kingdom in the sixties of the last centuryfrom former colonies, with the aim of finding work.

Total population: 65.64 million
Muslim population (2016): 4.16 million

Islam in the UK
Islam in the UK

Many came from South Asia; permanent communities were formed, and 50 percent of the current population was born in
the United Kingdom.

It also has large communities from Turkey, Iran, Iraq, Afghanistan, Somalia and the Balkans. The 2001 census showed that one third of Muslims were under 16 years old. It also showed high levels of unemployment, poor levels of competencies and a low rate of ownership of housing.

Muslims settled in major cities, such as London and Birmingham. Muslims succeeded in engaging in public and political life. Nineteen MPs were elected during the general elections held in 2019. Baroness Paula Odin was the first Muslim to sit in the UK Parliament, and Sadiq Khan, the current Mayor of London, was elected in 2016. In 2010, former Prime Minister Cameron appointed Mrs. Sayeeda Warsi, as the first Muslim woman minister in the British government, and Sajid Javid, of Pakistani descent, held the positions of Minister of Interior (2018-2019) and Minister of Finance (2019-2020).

Halal Certification in Manchester

Halal Certification in Manchester is a team of expert Halal Consultants in Manchester and is mostly recognized for providing Halal certification advisory services in Manchester and other major cities globally. Do you want to import/Export your Food products and get them Halal certified? Halal certification in Manchester guarantees that the products and services is aimed at the Muslim population and that it meets the requirements of Islamic law and therefore are worthy for consumption in both Muslim countries and in Western countries where there is a remarkable population group who practice Islam in Manchester.

Halal certification is a process that guarantees the features and quality of the Food products according to the rules conformed by the Islamic board that allows the use of the Halal mark. It is mainly applied to Meat and Food products such as Milk, canned food, and additives, particularly for Meat products Halal certifies that the animals were slaughter with a single cut, thoroughly bled and their Meat has not been in contact with none-halal animal’s slaughter otherwise, eSpecially with pork. offers Halal services and certifications in Manchester and is a leading certification consultant. We have a team of qualified executives to provide Halal Food certification services in Manchester and the globe in their supervision in the best feasible manner at reasonable rates.

Requirements of Halal Certification Process in Manchester
Every Food manufacturer in Manchester must only produce/ andsell products only. Every candidate must make sure that Sources of ingredients are and deal with suppliers which supply materials and the suppliers are certification holders. Transportation for products should be separated from non-Halal products. Every company must obey to the procedures in all feature as spelled out in the procedures manual Equipment

Companies in Manchester which are classified under multinational and Small and Medium-scale industry must form an internal Halal Audit Committee and appoint one Islamic Affairs executive (Islamic studies) to hold and ensure the agreement of certification procedures. During the preparation, processing, packaging or transporting of the Food products, the product must be clean and free from any non-halal ingredient. At least there must be two full-time Muslim workers and Muslims being employed in the kitchen section or in charge of the processing of Halal Food in Manchester.

Since the rigorous ethical standards of Food products must be considered Halal, many people choose to consume Halal Food despite not being Muslim themselves as consumers believe that Halal Food provides many health and ethical benefits.

Safer to Eat: In Halal food, great prominence is placed on Food safety and hygiene. That means there is also a lower rate of Food contamination. The animals must be taken cared well and given healthy and clean feeds and farmers must also keep away from using antibiotics and chemicals, and besides, Muslims who prepare the Food also belong to the same Halal regulations.

More Ethical: It is not permitted to kill an animal that is sick, so animals are kept in Natural and clean conditions to support disease-free growth. Animals must be treated well, and many people also believe that slaughtering Halal is very humane, causing animals less stress and pain compared to modern farming techniques.

Less liable to Meat contamination: Islamic slaughtering stipulates that the blood is completely cleared out from the carcass, producing healthier and fresher Meat-free from contamination caused by bacteria growth.

Improves Metabolism: It is a basic requirement of a Muslim to take the best care of their own body. One of the most elementary Ways to do so is by ensuring that the Food that is consumed is healthy and of good quality. Healthy consumption also supports the immune system, brain, and metabolic function and the main overall body’s good health.

Halal Meat is tastier: Blood in the Meat makes it more susceptible to putrefaction and also impacts badly in the taste. Halal Meat is not only healthier, but it is also tastes better because it keeps it longer fresh due to the absence of blood, making it resistant to bacteria.

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