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Islam in Croatia

Last Updated on August 17, 2021

Muslims make up 1.5 percent of the total population, with Bosnians being the largest ethnic group in Croatia after the Croats, Albanians and Turks.

Total population: 4.1 million
Muslim population ( 2016): 70,000

Islam in Croatia
Islam in Croatia

The Croatian constitution provides for equal rights regardless of religion and prohibits incitement to religious hatred. It also stipulates that religious groups are equal before the law and separate from the state, as they are free to provide religious services publicly, as well as open and manage schools and charitable organizations under
the protection of and with assistance of the state. There are 26 houses of worship for Muslims in Croatia, including four mosques spread over different regions in the country.

The Croatian government remains open to the integration of Muslims into Croatian society, and there is a similar aspiration by the Muslim community in Croatia for integration. The Muslim community in Croatia presents a convincing example to other European countries. Croatia also avoided stirring anti-Islamic sentiment, unlike other Central European countries.

Although there were sometimes racist attacks against Muslims, they were isolated incidents.