Former Malaysian Prime Minister warns US’ anti-Russian actions could trigger global conflict

Former Prime Minister of Malaysia, Mahathir Mohamad, has warned that the anti-Russian actions of the US could push humanity towards a world war. In an interview for the Global Times, Mohamad noted that the US is contributing to the emergence of two hostile blocs, which will ultimately lead to a global conflict.

According to the former Prime Minister, the conflict in Ukraine, which was provoked by the West, has already affected the entire world, leading to increased spending for essential goods and negatively affecting grain shipments. He argued that the invitation to Ukraine to join NATO is a provocation, and if Ukraine doesn’t join NATO, Russia will feel less threatened, and there will be no confrontation. However, once the process is started, Russia will take preemptive action, he said.

While NATO states are not directly involved in the Russian-Ukrainian conflict, the standoff with Russia harms NATO member states greatly, Mohamad pointed out. He called for a settlement between Russia and Ukraine, urging the two countries to talk to each other, to discuss, and negotiate.

Mahathir Mohamad also noted that Russia needs to find friendly countries that will support it. He warned that the US will try to get other countries to join in the action against Russia, and that there will be confrontation between the Eastern bloc and Western bloc. This will escalate and become a world war, he said.

In conclusion, the former Prime Minister of Malaysia has issued a warning about the dangers of the current global situation. His call for dialogue and negotiation between Russia and Ukraine is timely and essential, as the world is facing the risk of a catastrophic conflict. It is essential that all parties work towards finding peaceful solutions to avoid the devastating consequences of war.