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Islam in Hungary

Last Updated on August 17, 2021

The number of Muslims in Hungary is estimated at 40,000, and their number increased as a result of the migration crisis that occurred in 2015, but most of them had previously come to study in Hungarian universities. Most of Hungary’ s Muslim population lives in the capital, Budapest.

Total population: 9.8 million
Muslim population (2016): 40,000

Islam in Greece
Islam in Greece

Islam in Hungary

As a result, there are several mosques in the city. Under the right- wing government led by Prime Minister Viktor Orbán, Hungarian Muslims are facing high levels of Islamophobia, as they have been targeted, their property damaged, and antiimmigration protests have erupted.

Prime Minister Orbán always plays the immigration card to exploit the fears of Hungarians and had secured a third consecutive term in the April 2018 elections.

Government officials continued to make statements in defense of what they called Christian Europe” and described immigration, especially of Muslims, as a threat. In his annual State of the Nation address in February 2019, Prime Minister Orbán stated that the future of Central Europe lies in “protecting our families and our Christian culture” from immigration, which he said has led to the ” virus of Islamic terrorism.”