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Islam in Italy

Last Updated on August 17, 2021

The Muslim community in Italy is diverse, and the Moroccan community is the largest in number. There are also other communities from North Africa, the Middle East, South Asia and Albania. Most of them have arrived since the 1980s as students. More than 60 percent of the Muslim population resides in the northern regions of the country, while 25 percent reside in the central regions and 15 percent in the south.

Total population: 58.4 million
Muslim population ( 2016): 2.87 million

Islam in Italy
Islam in Italy

Among the most prominent Islamic societies in Italy are the Italian Muslim Community, the Great Mosque in Rome, the Union of the Islamic Communities and Organizations in Italy, and the Italian Islamic Association. Among the well-known names in the Italian political landscape is Khaled Shawky, a member of the Italian Parliament.

In June 2019, Badr El Din Minani became the first Muslim officer to join the National Police ( Carabinieri). The Muslim community continued to face difficulties in terms of obtaining licenses from local governments to build mosques or to continue managing existing mosques, the number of which remains limited.

Politicians from some parties, including League party leader Matteo Salvini, who served as deputy prime minister and interior minister from June 2018 until September 2019, made statements critical of Islam and against the construction of new mosques.