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Islam in Luxembourg

Last Updated on August 17, 2021

Muslims make up 1 percent of the population of Luxembourg, the majority of whom are from South Europe and the Middle East. The constitution guarantees freedom of religion, including the freedom to practice religion in public and to express religious opinions, as long as no crime is committed in exercising that freedom.

Total population: 510,000
Total Muslim population (2016): 20,000

Islam in Luxembourg
Islam in Luxembourg

The Parliament in Luxembourg in 2015, after a 17- year campaign waged by Islamic organizations, approved the amendment of the constitution, which allowed state institutions to officially recognize Islam.

The Muslim community in Luxembourg is one of the religious groups that receive financial support from the state, as the agreement stipulates the allocation of 450,000 euros annually from the state budget for the work requirements of the Muslim community.

The new law also provides an opportunity for the Muslim community to establish endowment institutions whose importance exceeds financial support.

The results of the investigation by the Islamophobia Observatory, a non- profit organization established in 2016 to promote intercultural dialogue in Luxembourg, revealed that Islamophobia exists in Luxembourg.

It also revealed that the Muslim population feels significantly integrated in the country, indicating that the sense of integration in Luxembourg is stronger than in neighboring countries.