Milka Chocolate suddenly tastes different – Halal status not known yet

Last Updated on March 18, 2023

The traditional Milka brand actually comes from Switzerland, but today it belongs to the US group Mondelez (formerly Kraft Foods) and is mainly produced in the German town of Lörrach.

It took three years to develop the new Milka chocolate, says Milka on its own website. “More than 30 chocolate experts from research and development” worked on the new recipe, which was tested by 3,000 consumers.

“In addition to a higher proportion of cocoa from the Cocoa Life sustainability program, the new rounded bar shape adapts even better to your palate and thus offers even more delicate moments of pleasure,” says the manufacturer.

Milka’s famous purple cow now also has a prominent place on the chocolate and is emblazoned on a corner. This is “a loving homage” to the cow, which will be “a proud 50 years old” this year, Milka explains.

Milka doesn’t taste like Milka anymore. Does everything have to be changed?” asks a Twitter user. Another complains that the new recipe tastes “too much like nougat or noisette” and adds that his “favorite chocolate no longer exists”.

The current status of Halal certification is still not confirmed.