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Last Updated on May 12, 2022

According to eHalal, Bites Meat is Halal and is manufactured and imported with the Barcode of #343659 8133641 and distributed under the Sans Marque Brand with the eHalal Food Categories of Halal Meat, Prepared Halal Meat, Poultry, Breaded Food, Turkey, Meat Nuggets, Prepared dinde, Turkey panées, Turkey Nuggets.

Nutrition Level
Serving size / serving quantity: /
Energy /100g: 1137
Energy from Fat /100g:
Fat /100g: 19
Saturated Fat /100g: 3.9
Carbohydrates /100g:
Sugar /100g: 1.2
Fiber /100g: 2.7
Proteins /100g: 10
Salt /100g: 1.14
Sodium /100g: 0.456
Vitamin A /100g:
Vitamin C /100g:
Calcium /100g:
Iron /100g:
Food category: Fish Meat Eggs & Meat

Préparation panée cuite Fresh Frozen formée of Meat séparée mécaniquement Turkey Halal). Ingredients ( mise en œuvre) : Viande Turkey Halal séparée mécaniquement traitée en salaison 70%: (Meat séparée mécaniquement Turkey Halal 55%, p Meat Halal, Water, fibres of bambou Corn Starch, Dextrose, protéines of SOJA). Panure 30% (Water, farine of Blé, Salt, Yeasts, Spic Curcuma Asian Plant and paprika), Sunflower Oil. soja . Fabriqué dans un atelier utilisant du Milk

Allergy: Gluten, Soy Beans

Number of Additives 0/

carbon footprint / 100 grams of Animal or Fish:

Certification Label: Halal

EMB Code:

Packaging: Fresh Frozen