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Buy Halal Charolais Steak

Buy Halal Charolais Steak

Buy Halal Le plaisir charolais from Bionoor France certified.

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Last Updated on May 12, 2022

According to eHalal, Le plaisir charolais is Halal and is manufactured and imported with the Barcode of #3760152080622 and distributed under the Bionoor Brand with the eHalal Food Categories of Halal Meat, Frozen, Beef, Steaks, Beef Steaks, Meat Fresh Frozen, Steak Burgers, Steaks Fresh Frozen, Beef Steak Burgers, Steak Burgers Fresh Frozen, Steak Burgers with Beef Fresh Frozen.

Nutrition Level
Quantity: 800 g (10 * 80 g e)
Serving size / serving quantity: 80 g / 80
Energy /100g: 883
Energy from Fat /100g:
Fat /100g: 15
Saturated Fat /100g: 7
Carbohydrates /100g:
Sugar /100g: 0
Fiber /100g:
Proteins /100g: 19
Salt /100g: 0.18000000715256
Sodium /100g: 0.072000002861024
Vitamin A /100g:
Vitamin C /100g:
Calcium /100g:
Iron /100g:
Food category: Fish Meat Eggs & Meat

100 % Beef issue of L’agriculture biologique.


Number of Additives 0/

carbon footprint / 100 grams of Animal or Fish: 3580

Certification Label: Bio, European Bio, Halal, French Meat, 100% Muscle, FR-BIO-01, Pure Beef, , AB Organic Agriculture, French Beef, Agriculture France

EMB Code:

Packaging: Fresh Frozen, Carton, Plastic (As a good Muslim Consumer you should look for alternative packaging materials that are Renewable and Biodegradable)

Vendor Information

Vendor: eHalal Shop

Rating: 4.01 rating from 10865 reviews
Company: eHalal Group
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