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Buy Halal Extra Crunchy Muesli , Royaume-Uni, Belgium, luxembourg is Halal certified.


Last Updated on March 18, 2023

According to eHalal, Extra Crunchy Muesli is Halal and is manufactured and imported , Royaume-Uni, Belgium, luxembourg with the Barcode of #5738001776017 and distributed under the Kellogg’s Brand with the eHalal Food Categories of Food and Drinks Plant Based, Aliments d’origine végétale, Céréales and pommes of terre, Breakfast, Céréales and dérivés, Céréales pour petit-déjeuner, Flocons, Flocons of céréales, Flocons extrudés, Mueslis, Pétales multicéréales.

Nutrition Level
Quantity: 500 g
Serving size / serving quantity: 45 g / 45
Energy /100g: 2013
Energy from Fat /100g:
Fat /100g: 22
Saturated Fat /100g: 11
Carbohydrates /100g:
Sugar /100g: 19
Fiber /100g: 5.7
Proteins /100g: 8
Salt /100g: 0.8
Sodium /100g: 0.32
Vitamin A /100g:
Vitamin C /100g:
Calcium /100g:
Iron /100g:
Food category: Cereals and Potatoes & Breakfast cereals

flocons d’_avoine_ complète 55%, Sugar, Palm Oil, farine of blé, noix of Coco Driede, mélasse, Salt, Extrait of malt d’_orge, Cinnamon, vitamines and minéraux (vitamines (niacine, B6, B2, B1, acide folique, B12), fer)

Allergy: Gluten,fr:avoine

Number of Additives 0/

carbon footprint / 100 grams of Animal or Fish:

Certification Label: Vegetarian, No artificial Flavors, Halal, Halal Food Authority , no-colorings

EMB Code:

Packaging: Green dot,Sachet Plastic (As a good Muslim Consumer you should look for alternative packaging materials that are Renewable and Biodegradable)