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Last Updated on May 12, 2022

According to eHalal, Turkey Salami Snack is Halal and is manufactured and imported with the Barcode of #4008460243469 and distributed under the Kamar (Halal) Brand with the eHalal Food Categories of Halal Meat, Cold Cuts, Sausages s, Salamis, Turkey Salami.

Nutrition Level
Serving size / serving quantity: /
Energy /100g: 1648
Energy from Fat /100g:
Fat /100g: 34
Saturated Fat /100g: 15
Carbohydrates /100g:
Sugar /100g: 0.5
Fiber /100g: 0
Proteins /100g: 22
Salt /100g: 4
Sodium /100g: 1.6
Vitamin A /100g:
Vitamin C /100g:
Calcium /100g:
Iron /100g:
Food category: Fish Meat Eggs & Processed Meat

100g élaboré à partir of 112g Turkey Meat, graisse with Beef, llg Meat with Beef, Salt, dexlrese, epices, exhausteur of Taste: E621, Aroma, Powder végétale (Beets rouge), Antioxidant E316, Preservative: E250, Extraits d’ Spices, Smoked. Emballé Under Protective Manufacturing.


Number of Additives 3/E250, E316, E621

carbon footprint / 100 grams of Animal or Fish:

Certification Label: Halal

EMB Code:


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Company: eHalal Group
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