eHalal ($HAL) Token


eHalal Token is the official utility Ethereum Token of eHalal Group


The eHalal Token is since 2018, the official utility token of eHalal Group Co., Ltd, a Thailand-based company that is committed to providing halal products and services to Muslim consumers around the world. By purchasing the eHalal Token ($HAL), users become members of the global eHalal Blockchain Network, gaining access to a wide range of benefits.

eHalal Group, made the official announcement in 2018 to peg and fix 1 eHalal token to 0.0005 ETH. This move was aimed to establish the eHalal token as a dependable alternative payment system in both the B2C and B2B sectors. The eHalal token is also intended to function as an alternative currency against the US Dollar or Euro.

One of the key benefits of holding eHalal Tokens is access to the eHalal B2C Marketplace. This marketplace is an online platform that provides access to halal-certified groceries, allowing consumers to purchase high-quality halal products from around the world.

To become part of the eHalal Economy, users are required to hold at least 50 eHalal Tokens. At today’s price of 0.86 EUR, this represents a relatively small investment for users who are interested in accessing the benefits of the eHalal ecosystem. With the purchased eHalal Tokens, users can make purchases on the marketplace and enjoy discounts and other exclusive offers.

In addition to the B2C marketplace, eHalal offers a range of other services, including a B2B Halal Quality Management System, a Halal Bazaar for global food brands, and a Halal Food & Travel platform that allows users to book halal tours, hotels, and flights. The eHalal Halal Explorer is an open-source Muslim travel guide that allows local or traveling Muslims to update information on over 28,000 destinations worldwide, including 2100 US cities.

Overall, the eHalal Token represents an exciting opportunity for individuals who are interested in accessing high-quality halal products and services from around the world. With its global Halal Blockchain Verification Network and range of innovative services, eHalal is at the forefront of the halal industry, providing consumers with access to the best possible products and services. To learn more about the eHalal Token and how to become part of the eHalal ecosystem, interested parties are encouraged to contact eHalal directly at