Halal Certified: 高纖蔬菜胚芽 from Greenmax,馬玉山 France is HALAL

Halal Certified: 高纖蔬菜胚芽 from Greenmax,馬玉山 France is HALAL certified.

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According to eHalal, 高纖蔬菜胚芽 is Halal and was manufactured in France with the Barcode of #4713398550663 and distributed under the Greenmax,馬玉山 brands with the food categories of 植物性食物与饮品, 植物性食物, en:Fruits and vegetables based foods, 菜肴, en:Dried products, en:Dried products to be rehydrated, 汤, en:Dried meals, 蔬菜汤, en:Dehydrated soups, en:Dehydrated vegetable soups.

Under the Food-based dietary guidelines from France is classified as /Nova .

Nutrition Level
Quantity: 420 g, 14.7 oz, 12 bags of 35 g
Serving size / serving quantity: 35 g / 35
Energy /100g: 1600
Energy from Fat /100g: 143
Fat /100g: 3.71
Saturated Fat /100g: 2.29
Carbohydrates /100g: 143
Sugar /100g: 1.14
Fiber /100g: 6.57
Proteins /100g: 7.14
Salt /100g: 1.35
Sodium /100g: 0.542
Vitamin A /100g: 0.000121
Vitamin C /100g: 0.0334
Calcium /100g: 0.337
Iron /100g: 0.00429
Food category: Fruits and vegetables & Soups

燕麥、小麥、蕎麥、大麥、珍珠米(含有教質穀類);馬鈴薯粉,糙米 ,高梁米,黑米,黑麥,黑豆,白芝麻,山藥,銀耳,蓮子,燕麥纖維,植物 油粉,海帶芽,蘑菇粉,紅蘿蔔,高麗菜,洋香菜,海鹽,維生素,礦物質, 調味料。


Number of Additives: 0/

Carbon Footprint /100g Animal or Fish:

Certification Label: No artificial flavors,HACCP,Halal,ISO 22000,ISO 9001,No preservatives

EMB Code: 工廠登記:64-003244-05

Packaging: en:Plastic