Halal Certified: from Việt Nam is HALAL

Halal Certified: from Việt Nam is HALAL certified.

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According to eHalal, is Halal and was manufactured in Việt Nam with the Barcode of #8935001214274 and distributed under the brands with the food categories of .

Under the Food-based dietary guidelines from France is classified as /Nova .

Nutrition Level
Serving size / serving quantity: /
Energy /100g: 
Energy from Fat /100g:
Fat /100g:
Saturated Fat /100g:
Carbohydrates /100g:
Sugar /100g:
Fiber /100g:
Proteins /100g:
Salt /100g:
Sodium /100g:
Vitamin A /100g:
Vitamin C /100g:
Calcium /100g:
Iron /100g:
Food category: unknown & unknown

Thanh phán: Nuoc, duong, nuoc cot bi dao cô dac (25 g) huong bi dao (tong hop, giong tu nhiên), phám màu: nhóm IV (150d), chát dieu chinh do axit: natri hydro carbonat (500) & HSD: xem trên dáy lon. Båo quan noi khô mát, tránh nång. Ngon hon khi dung lanh. Dung ngay sau khi mo Boi kh mau såc thay dol, hien tuong lang dong tu nhiên khong lam ånh huong den chat luong sån phám. caramen NSX nap


Number of Additives: 0/

Carbon Footprint /100g Animal or Fish:

Certification Label: No preservatives, en:halal

EMB Code: