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Islam in the UK

Last Updated on August 17, 2021

The United Kingdom began communicating with Muslims since ancient times, as these links date back to the Middle Ages. A large number of Muslims arrived in the United Kingdom in the sixties of the last centuryfrom former colonies, with the aim of finding work.

Total population: 65.64 million
Muslim population (2016): 4.16 million

Islam in the UK
Islam in the UK

Many came from South Asia; permanent communities were formed, and 50 percent of the current population was born in
the United Kingdom.

It also has large communities from Turkey, Iran, Iraq, Afghanistan, Somalia and the Balkans. The 2001 census showed that one third of Muslims were under 16 years old. It also showed high levels of unemployment, poor levels of competencies and a low rate of ownership of housing.

Muslims settled in major cities, such as London and Birmingham. Muslims succeeded in engaging in public and political life. Nineteen MPs were elected during the general elections held in 2019. Baroness Paula Odin was the first Muslim to sit in the UK Parliament, and Sadiq Khan, the current Mayor of London, was elected in 2016. In 2010, former Prime Minister Cameron appointed Mrs. Sayeeda Warsi, as the first Muslim woman minister in the British government, and Sajid Javid, of Pakistani descent, held the positions of Minister of Interior (2018-2019) and Minister of Finance (2019-2020).