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Guangzhou Baiyun International Airport (IATA Flight Code: CAN) is in Guangdong province in south China.

Masjids in Guangzhou

No Praying Facilities at the Airport, however the following masjids are within Guangzhou.

Guangzhou, a bustling metropolis in southern China, is home to a rich tapestry of cultures, including a vibrant Muslim community. The city's history of Islamic influence dates back over a thousand years, contributing to the establishment of several significant masjids. These masjids not only serve as places of worship but also stand as historical landmarks and cultural hubs. Here are some of the key masjids in Guangzhou that reflect the city's Islamic heritage.

Huaisheng Mosque (怀圣寺光塔)

One of the oldest mosques in China, the Hu===aisheng Mosque, also known as the Light Tower Mosque, is a historical gem located at 56 Guangta Road. Its unusual minaret, known as the Guangta (Light Tower), is a notable feature that has guided travelers for centuries. Open to visitors, the mosque offers a serene environment for prayer and reflection amidst the bustling city. With its deep historical roots and beautiful architecture, the Huaisheng Mosque remains a central spiritual and cultural landmark in Guangzhou.

Islam Aibu Wange Sugumu

Another prominent masjid in Guangzhou is the Islam Aibu Wange Sugumu, located on Lanpu Road. This mosque is renowned for its beautiful architecture and cleanliness. As a famous masjid in Guangzhou, it serves as a hub for the local Muslim community, providing a peaceful space for worship and community gatherings. The mosque's welcoming atmosphere and well-maintained facilities make it a popular destination for both locals and visitors.

Guangzhou Islam Association

Situated at 56 Guangta Road, the Guangzhou Islam Association operates in conjunction with the Huaisheng Mosque. It plays a vital role in supporting the Muslim community in Guangzhou, offering various services and programs. The association ensures that the needs of the Muslim population are met, from facilitating daily prayers to organizing religious events. The nearby mosque is highly regarded, with visitors praising its accessibility and the allowance for prayers.

Da Mosque

Located within Shennan Boulevard, the Da Mosque is another significant place of worship for Muslims in Guangzhou. Although it receives fewer reviews, it remains an important religious site for the local community. Its central location makes it convenient for those living in or visiting the heart of the city.

Chang'an Mosque

The Chang'an Mosque, found on Zhen'an Middle Road, is a lesser-known but equally important masjid in Guangzhou. While it currently lacks reviews, it continues to serve as a place of worship and community for Muslims in the area. Its discreet presence underscores the diverse network of mosques throughout the city.

Guangzhou Airport Halal Travel Guide


Guangzhou Baiyun International Airport (广州白云国际机场, Guǎngzhōu Báiyún Guójì Jīchǎng) is China's second busiest airport and the base for https://en China Southern Airlines. Serving the Pearl River Delta area, it offers an extensive range of domestic Flights to most major Chinese cities, as well as direct international routes to Europe, North America, South Korea, Japan, South East Asia, India, Oceania and the Middle East and Africa.

The airport is 28 km (17 miles) north from central Guangzhou.

There are two terminal buildings:

  • Terminal 1 and the old terminal, has East (gates A01-A133) and West (gates B01-B235) concourses, with gates on three piers of each concourse. Five of the piers serve domestic flights and one serves international flights. Not all aircraft can park alongside the terminal and shuttle buses are used to take passengers to and from some aircraft (from gates A01-A18 and B01-B18).
  • Terminal 2 is the new terminal which is meant to serve China Southern and its partners, as the airline has its main hub here.


There are a total of 65 security channels in Terminal 1, and some are assigned only for certain groups in a somewhat complicated fashion.

Terminal 1
International Domestic (East) Domestic (West)
  • 1-6, 8-12 - Any passengers
  • 7 - Women only
  • 8 - Men only
  • 13 - Late passengers
  • 14, 15 - First and business passengers
  • 16 - Service employees, elderly, disabled
  • 17 - Staff and crew only
  • 1 - Service employees, elderly, disabled
  • 2 - Late passengers
  • 3, 6, 7, 8, 9, 15 - Any passengers
  • 4 - Men only
  • 5 - Women only
  • 14 - Staff and crew only
  • 16 - First and business passengers
  • 1, 19 - Late passengers
  • 2-11, 17-19, 22, 24-35 - Any passengers
  • 12, 13 - Men only
  • 14-16 - Women only
  • 20 - Service employees, elderly, disabled
  • 21 - Staff and crew only
  • 23, 24 - First and business passengers

Muslim Friendly Flights from Guangzhou Airport


There are domestic Flights to every major Chinese city, and a wide selection of Flights to international destinations. Guangzhou is the main hub of China Southern Airlines.

Due to lower landing fees, connections are often cheaper than transferring at nearby Hong Kong International Airport.


Airlines have their own designated check-in areas:

Terminal 2

Ground transportation


The most convenient way into the city is by metro. The Airport South (for T1) and Airport North (for T2) stations are at the northern end of Line Station guangzhou|3. The lower level of T1 leads to the Airport South Metro station. A journey to the East Railway Station, or to Tiyu Xilu Metro station (both ¥22) takes about 50 minutes. Trains run about every five minutes, with the first train leaving Airport North at 6 AM and the last train departing at 11:15PM.

Guangzhou Baiyun Airport 3

Airport Express buses operate from just outside the arrival terminal. They are less comfortable and reliable than the metro. There are also direct Airport Express buses to some cities in the Pearl River Delta region, such as Zhuhai and Foshan. However and there is no direct bus to Macau or Hong Kong.

Taxis take about the same time as the metro. A ride to central Guangzhou will cost about ¥220, inclusive of a ¥25 toll fee. Taxi stations are available outside Arrival Hall Section A Gate 5 and Arrival Hall Section B Gate 6. Ignore the taxi agents - they will invariably cost more and be less safe than official taxis. The taxi queue after 23:00 can look impossibly long, but in fact you will get to your taxi in around 20 minutes after queuing.

How to get around in Guangzhou Airport

Passengers transferring between international flights can do so without passing through immigration if their bags are checked through. There is a transfer desk between the international arrivals hall and the departures hall.

A 24-hour shuttle bus departs from T2 to T1 at Gate 42 in the departure hall.

The Metro can be ridden for free between terminals, with the first train from T2 at 06:00 and from T1 at 06:15. The last trains leave at 23:15 from T2 and 23:37 from T1. Thus, late ant night the bus service is the only transport available.


If there is a long wait for a flight and the facilities in the upper departure level are better than in the lower level by the gates for the shuttle buses to the aircraft.

For longer layovers and the city of Guangzhou is reachable by metro from the airport.

Halal Food & Restaurants in Guangzhou Airport


No Halal food available but Vegetarian restaurants are available

Guangzhou City offers a wide array of Halal restaurants that cater to the diverse tastes of its Muslim residents and visitors. Here, we highlight some of the top-rated Halal dining establishments in the city, all boasting excellent reviews and a minimum 4-star rating. Whether you're craving traditional Chinese flavors or international cuisine, Guangzhou's Halal food scene has something to satisfy every palate.

Xinyue Muslim Restaurant

Rating: 4.3 (37 reviews)
Cuisine: Chinese

Known for its authentic Chinese cuisine, Xinyue Muslim Restaurant offers a delightful menu that meets Halal standards. Open until 10 PM, it provides both dine-in and takeaway options, making it a convenient choice for any time of day.

Xinjiang Marhaba Halal Restaurant

Rating: 4.2 (93 reviews)
Location: Baohan St, 47RG+82J
Cuisine: Xinjiang

This restaurant brings the flavors of Xinjiang to Guangzhou. With a menu rich in regional specialties, it is a popular spot for those seeking the unique tastes of Northwestern China. The restaurant is open until 10 PM and offers dine-in and takeaway services.

Qinghai Muslim Hotel

Rating: 4.1 (86 reviews)
Location: 71 Sanyuanli Blvd
Cuisine: Chinese

Qinghai Muslim Hotel is another excellent choice for traditional Chinese Halal cuisine. Patrons appreciate the quality and authenticity of the dishes. The restaurant offers both dine-in and takeaway options and operates until 10 PM.

Muslim Food

Rating: 4.4 (26 reviews)
Location: Guihua Rd
Cuisine: Chinese

With a focus on clean and flavorful Halal dishes, Muslim Food is highly rated by its patrons. It offers a cozy dining atmosphere and convenient takeaway services, perfect for a satisfying meal on the go.

Muslim Chinese Style Western-style Food

Rating: 4.5 (15 reviews)
Location: Huanshi W Rd
Cuisine: Fusion

Combining Chinese culinary techniques with Western flavors, this restaurant offers a unique Halal dining experience. The innovative menu and high ratings make it a must-visit for food enthusiasts.

Turkish Restaurant

Rating: 4.2 (61 reviews)
Location: Xingsheng Rd, 9号-110
Cuisine: Turkish

Renowned for its Halal Turkish cuisine, this restaurant is a favorite among Muslims in Guangzhou. Its diverse menu and warm ambiance provide a taste of Turkey in the heart of the city.

Noor Islamic Bostan Restaurant

Rating: 4.2 (25 reviews)
Cuisine: Various

Offering a variety of Halal dishes, Noor Islamic Bostan Restaurant is praised for its welcoming atmosphere and delicious food. It is a recommended stop for Muslims visiting Guangzhou.

Bosphorus Turkish Restaurant

Rating: 4.3 (435 reviews)
Location: 环市中路304号
Cuisine: Turkish

A highly acclaimed Turkish restaurant, Bosphorus offers an extensive menu of Halal dishes. It is particularly noted for its rich flavors and authentic dining experience, making it a top destination for Halal food lovers.


Rating: 4.5 (28 reviews)
Location: 南约直街3号
Cuisine: Chinese

Maidina stands out for its traditional Chinese Halal cuisine. With a strong reputation for delicious food and excellent service, it is a highly recommended spot for an authentic dining experience.

Al Madina Restaurant

Rating: 4.5 (41 reviews)
Cuisine: Fast Food

Specializing in Halal fast food, Al Madina Restaurant is known for its flavorful dishes and quick service. It is a great option for a casual and satisfying meal.

Guangzhou's diverse array of Halal restaurants ensures that Muslim residents and visitors can enjoy a wide range of culinary delights. From traditional Chinese dishes to Turkish specialties and fusion cuisine, these top-rated establishments offer something for everyone. Explore these highly recommended Halal restaurants to experience the best of Guangzhou's vibrant food scene.

Telecommunications in Guangzhou Airport

WiFi is available in the international departures area, but you usually need to get an access code through a Chinese cell phone number. International cell phone numbers might or might not work. Another option you might need to scan your passport in a machine (if it is working) or connect a WeChat account to get an access code.

Cope in Guangzhou Airport

Evening flights and heavy rain can cause a flight to be delayed many hours or even cancelled. Airlines will provide you with water and a (very low quality) takeaway meal for free. If you have a cancelled flight or missed a connection due to a delay, many airlines will also put you up in a hotel for free.

eHalal Group Launches Halal Guide to Guangzhou Airport


Guangzhou Airport - eHalal Travel Group, a leading provider of innovative Halal travel solutions for Muslim travelers to Guangzhou Airport, is thrilled to announce the official launch of its comprehensive Halal and Muslim-Friendly Travel Guide for Guangzhou Airport. This groundbreaking initiative aims to cater to the diverse needs of Muslim travelers, offering them a seamless and enriching travel experience in Guangzhou Airport and its surrounding regions.

With the steady growth of Muslim tourism worldwide, eHalal Travel Group recognizes the importance of providing Muslim travelers with accessible, accurate, and up-to-date information to support their travel aspirations to Guangzhou Airport. The Halal and Muslim-Friendly Travel Guide is designed to be a one-stop resource, offering an array of invaluable information on various travel aspects, all carefully curated to align with Islamic principles and values.

The Travel Guide encompasses a wide range of features that will undoubtedly enhance the travel experience for Muslim visitors to Guangzhou Airport. Key components include:

Halal-Friendly Accommodations in Guangzhou Airport: A carefully selected list of hotels, lodges, and vacation rentals that cater to halal requirements, ensuring a comfortable and welcoming stay for Muslim travelers in Guangzhou Airport.

Halal Food, Restaurants and Dining in Guangzhou Airport: A comprehensive directory of restaurants, eateries, and food outlets offering halal-certified or halal-friendly options in Guangzhou Airport, allowing Muslim travelers to savor local cuisines without compromising their dietary preferences in Guangzhou Airport.

Prayer Facilities: Information on masjids, prayer rooms, and suitable locations for daily prayers in Guangzhou Airport, ensuring ease and convenience for Muslim visitors in fulfilling their religious obligations.

Local Attractions: An engaging compilation of Muslim-friendly attractions, cultural sites such as Museums, and points of interest in Guangzhou Airport, enabling travelers to explore the city's rich heritage while adhering to their values.

Transport and Logistics: Practical guidance on transportation options that accommodate Muslim travel needs, ensuring seamless movement within Guangzhou Airport and beyond.

Speaking about the launch, Irwan Shah, Chief Technology Officer of eHalal Travel Group in Guangzhou Airport, stated, "We are thrilled to introduce our Halal and Muslim-Friendly Travel Guide in Guangzhou Airport, a Muslim friendly destination known for its cultural richness and historical significance. Our goal is to empower Muslim travelers with accurate information and resources, enabling them to experience the wonders of Guangzhou Airport without any concerns about their faith-based requirements. This initiative reaffirms our commitment to creating inclusive and memorable travel experiences for all our clients."

The eHalal Travel Group's Halal and Muslim-Friendly Travel Guide for Guangzhou Airport is now accessible on this page. The guide will be regularly updated to ensure that Muslim travelers have access to the latest information, thus reinforcing its status as a reliable companion for Muslim travelers exploring Guangzhou Airport.

About eHalal Travel Group:

eHalal Travel Group Guangzhou Airport is a prominent name in the global Muslim travel industry, dedicated to providing innovative and all-inclusive travel solutions tailored to the needs of Muslim travelers worldwide. With a commitment to excellence and inclusivity, eHalal Travel Group aims to foster a seamless travel experience for its clients while respecting their religious and cultural values.

For Halal business inquiries in Guangzhou Airport, please contact:

eHalal Travel Group Guangzhou Airport Media:

Muslim Friendly hotels in Guangzhou Airport


Hotels in Guangzhou

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