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Split is a city in Dalmatia, Croatia, and the seat of the Split-Dalmatia county. The city was built around the Diocletian palace (a palace/fort built for the retired Roman emperor Diocletian) where the local residents sought refuge centuries ago.

Wandering the historic centre of Split you can still clearly see the Roman walls, squares, and temples.

Discovering the Masjids of Split, Croatia

Split, a beautiful coastal city in Croatia known for its historic sites and stunning architecture, is also home to a small but significant Muslim community. For those visiting or residing in Split, the city offers two notable masjids that serve as spiritual and community hubs. Let's explore these masjids and their importance to the local Muslim community.

Islamska zajednica u Hrvatskoj - Medžlis Islamske zajednice Split

Address: Cosmijeva ul. 1
Rating: 4.6 (108 reviews)
Opening Hours: Open until 8 PM

The Islamska zajednica u Hrvatskoj, or the Islamic Community in Croatia, is a central religious institution for Muslims in Split. Located on Cosmijeva Street, this masjid is a cornerstone for the local Muslim population.

The Medžlis Islamske zajednice Split offers a peaceful and welcoming environment for worshippers. The masjid is not only a place for daily prayers but also a center for various religious and community activities. It serves as a hub for educational programs, social gatherings, and cultural events, fostering a sense of unity and belonging among the community members.

With a high rating from visitors, the Medžlis Islamske zajednice Split is appreciated for its serene atmosphere and the hospitality of its community. The masjid's management ensures that it remains a clean, well-maintained, and welcoming space for all visitors.

Mesdžid Split

Address: Cosmijeva ul. 2
Rating: 4.5 (35 reviews)

Located just a short distance from the Medžlis Islamske zajednice, the Mesdžid Split is another important place of worship for Muslims in Split. Situated on Cosmijeva Street as well, this masjid caters to the spiritual needs of the local Muslim community.

The Mesdžid Split, while smaller in comparison, is equally significant for its role in providing a space for daily prayers and community gatherings. It is a place where worshippers can come together to perform their prayers, seek spiritual guidance, and participate in various religious activities.

Visitors to the Mesdžid Split have praised its tranquil ambiance and the warmth of the community. The masjid’s convenient location makes it accessible for those living in or visiting the central part of the city.

Masjids in Split play a crucial role in the lives of the local Muslim community. They are not just places of worship but also centers for social and cultural interaction. These masjids help in preserving the Islamic faith and traditions within the community while promoting a message of peace and unity.

The presence of these masjids reflects the diversity of Split and its inclusive nature. They provide a sense of identity and belonging to the Muslims in the city, enabling them to practice their faith freely and openly.

Split's masjids, the Medžlis Islamske zajednice Split and the Mesdžid Split, are integral to the spiritual and communal life of the city's Muslim residents. They offer more than just a place for prayers; they are centers for learning, community building, and cultural preservation. For anyone in Split, whether a resident or a visitor, these masjids are a testament to the city's rich cultural tapestry and its commitment to diversity and inclusion.

Split Halal Travel Guide

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Because of its ideal climate, with 2,800 hours of sunlight each year, local people have a few nicknames for Split "The most beautiful city in the world" and "Mediterranean flower". Many famous Croatian sports people were born in Split, so local residents often nicknamed their city "The sportiest city in the world". The most popular sport institution is the football club Hajduk. Large portions of the city are painted with the club's colors and logo. This is done by Torcida and the oldest supporters group in Europe, established in 1950.

Besides the bell tower of St. Duje and the symbols of city are the Dalmatian dog and a donkey. Locals have a high regard for the donkey because of its past indispensable place in field work and transport across the Dalmatian mountains.

Winters in Split are generally mild, with temperatures above 0°C, but despite the popular saying that the city experiences snowfall once every 30 years and there is actually at least one snowy day nearly every winter, usually in January or early February. If you find yourself in Split on a day with significant snowfall, expect serious traffic disruption.

Tourist information

  • TIC Riva Split Tourism Board Centre | Obala Hrv. narodnog preporoda 9 43.508200,16.437671
  • TIC Peristil - Split Tourism Board Centre | Peristil bb - GPS: 43.508311,16.440345 at a tiny former chapel

Travel as a Muslim to Split

Diocletian's Palace (original appearance)

Buy a Flight ticket to and from Split

  • Zračna luka Split - Split Airport IATA Code: SPU 43.536614, 16.299076 approx. 25 kilometers west of Split, 5 kilometers east of Trogir - It is, after Zagreb Airport and the most important in Croatia. Scheduled services fly to major European cities, with summer charter Flights from more. The airport is about 25 kilometers west from Split, near the city of Trogir. It has free WiFi internet.

Flights to and from Belgrade, Serbia were reintroduced in June 2012 after a 21-year hiatus. Several airlines operate between Split and Belgrade, for example Croatia Airlines or / Air Serbia (former Jat Airways). If you are seated next to the window, you can catch a magnificent glimpse of Sarajevo from 6,500 m (21,000 feet).

Ground transportation


  • Pleso prijevoz - Shuttle bus to Split | from the terminal exit follow to the left – to the bus stop; from the city departures are from the main bus station AK Split, platform No.1 ☎ +385 21 203-119 - 30 kn or 5 euros - The service run by the Pleso prijevoz. A journey lasts approx 1/2 hour. Bus departures from Split are scheduled (check for Airport shuttle bus) between 05:00-19:00 with interval 30-60 min. From the airport departures are scheduled to 20-30 min. after arrival of a regular flight (even if a plane is delayed). So beware if you're flying by a charter flight!
  • Shuttle to Trogir and Marine Kaštela - 20 kn Pleso prijevoz also provides shuttle services to Trogir and Marine Kaštela.
  • Prijevoz putnika Žele - Opening Hours: April - September 30 kn - Seasonal shuttles to/from Split main bus station.
  • Bus #37 - Web: k=view&id=358&Itemid=986 the stop is just outside of the airport – walk through the parking lot straight south. The nearest stop is for direction towards Trogir. The stop towards Split is at the other side of the road - Single to Split 17 kn; to Trogir 13 kn (tickets are bought from the bus driver) - This bus runs between Split and Trogir mostly every 30 min. In Split the line terminates at the bus hub [[#Get around|Sukoišan , which is a bit out of the centre and the port. So, here you'd change to bus 9 or 10, or just walk about a kilometre along the major road that runs by the bus stop (stops for buses 9 and 10 are also by this road).
  • Taxi - Just turn left when you exit the terminal and you're on the taxi stand. - The price to Split is about 350 kn, a ride takes less than 30 minutes; to Trogir 100 kn - If the taxi does not have a meter or the driver wishes to negotiate the price it's best to take the next car.

There are also plenty of options for pre-booked transfers. A ride to the downtown could cost about €32.

Travel on a Bus in Split

Split main bus station is located at the eastern end of Riva, close to the port:

In the summer season there are more lines than off-season, for example in June–July-August, daily night buses to Banja Luka and Gradiska, north of Bosnia, as well as buses to Niš, Serbia twice a week.

On most intercity buses you pay a fee for luggage. This fee of about €0.5-1 per piece of luggage is paid to the driver upon boarding. Some drivers are rather picky about being paid in exact change in the correct currency (sometimes a local currency, at other instances requesting to be paid in euros) and sometimes also refuse to be paid in too small coins. So keep some change ready.

For destinations around Split-Dalmatia County (Splitsko-dalmatinska županija) like Trogir and Solin check the bus hub Sukoišan.

Eurobusways runs daily buses from door to door to Split from Budapest.

Book a Halal Cruise or Boat Tour in Split

Long distance ferries run three times a week across the Adriatic to and from Ancona and Pescara (Italy) with terminals at the

  • Passenger port - 43.503001,16.442392. There is also a large ferry that runs twice a week up and down the coast between Dubrovnik and Rijeka, stopping off at a couple of islands along the way. Split is the main hub for local boats and hydrofoils in Central Dalmatia. Several a day run to and from Brač, Hvar, Solta, Vis, Korčula and Lastovo.

The major operators here are:

  • Jadrolinija. State-owned sea shipping company. They have regular lines connecting the Croatian shore to its islands and with Italy.
  • SNAV. Italian sea shipping company with ferries from Ancona to and from Split. Tickets starting at €30 for a single crossing without cabin.
  • Blue Line International. Sea shipping company that operates between Croatia and Italy.

Muslim Friendly Rail Holidays in Split

  • Kolodvor Split - Train station | Domagojeva obala 9 43.504955, 16.442606 at the port, 400 m from the downtown Opening Hours: 06:15-22:15 - Trains run between Split and Zagreb, Split and Perković (where you can change for Šibenik). Timetables can be found from Croatian Railways website. Trains are generally slower than buses in Croatia and the price is roughly similar. Left luggage lockers are available at the station.

Split train station is right in the downtown, it is a few minutes walk from the port and from the old town. Expect very friendly grannies to be waiting with signs saying "Sobe" (rooms) at all arrivals and they will jump on anyone with a backpack. The train station is rather basic, because train travel is not much used to Split.

Trains to Perković run through a picturesque valley/village of Primorski Dolac depart 5 times a day and stop in every station taking 1 hours to do the journey. This is a very picturesque journey to make, and although Perković is simply a collection of houses you could get off and have a Coffee or go for a walk in the hills before returning to Split. Connecting Trains leave Perković for Šibenik several times a day, and should be marked on the timetable in Split station.

How to get around in Split


Central Split is quite compact and most sights can be easily seen and best experienced on foot, but there are frequent local buses to outlying attractions and the airport.

Travel on a Bus in Split

Public transit is organized by Promet. Most of the city buses in Split are new, but some are very old and dilapidated.

  • Kolodvor Sukoišan - 43.515584, 16.443229 - It is the main hub for local buses as well as for destinations around Split-Dalmatia county (Splitsko-dalmatinska županija) like Trogir and Solin.

Tickets : single – 9 kn (from a bus driver – 11 kn), double journey ticket (Pojedinačna karta za dva putovanja) - 18 kn, Set of double journey ticket starting from 5 - 17 kn each ticket; Monthly ticket ('mjesečna pokazna karta') - 290 kn. Available at kiosks across the city or from a bus driver (only single-journey), tickets must be validated on board by a yellow machine or given to the driver for validation.

By bike

Rent a bike and enjoy beautiful biking along Split's waterfront (Riva), continue to Marjan hill (roughly 7 kilometers), climb to the top of the hill for great view on the Split town and surrounding islands. You can bike to the east side, along the coast to nearby village of Stobrec. Another great option from Split is to take a day tour to nearby islands of Solta, Brac, Hvar or Vis. You can take the bike on a regular ferry (they leave roughly every couple of hours in the summer season) and bike along quite roads and charming villages, explore great beaches and restaurants and return in the evening to Split!

Older but rideable mountain bikes are available for 15 kn/hour (March 2012) at the northern entrance to Marjan hill (near Mandalinski put).

Book a Halal Cruise or Boat Tour in Split

Speed taxi boat is an excellent solution for fast transportation of passengers on whole Adriatic. Said service is available trough Dalmatia-express for direct transportation from airport Split to Split Riva or from Split Riva to Dalmatia islands.

If you don't know how to sail and there are a few companies that offer skippered charters in the area. If you are seeking something affordable, / Antlos enables you to book boat holidays with local Skippers that offer trips around Split's coastline and visits to the neighbouring islands and if you're looking for something upmarket and there are many superyacht charter agencies.

Muslim Friendly Rail Holidays in Split

Tthere is a local suburban railway service between Split and Kaštel Stari at the shore of Kaštelanski Zaljev (Kastelanski bay).

What to see in Split

Split IMG 8103

Diocletian's Palace

The historic centre of Split is built around the remains of this Roman palace. You only need to wander around to experience it but you can also pay to visit the excavated remains of the basement of the palace. The palace has well preserved main streets cardo and decumanus. Roman palace is enriched with some gothic and reinassance buildings which makes a perfect match. Palace has 4 monumental gates Porta Aurea (Zlatna vrata, Golden gate), Porta Argenta (Srebrna vrata, Silver gate), Porta Ferrea (Željezna vrata, Iron gate) and Porta Aenea (Mjedena vrata). It is probably the best preserved Roman palace in the world.

  • Peristylium - Peristil square - 43.508217, 16.440168 A Main square of Diocletian's palace with well preserved Roman architecture.
  • Katedrala sv. Duje - St. Duje's cathedral - 43.508056, 16.440278 - Built around 305 AD as a mausoleum of Roman emperor Diocletian's (the oldest cathedral building in the world). The cathedral is also a very beautiful mixture of Roman temple and Catholic church. It also has a beautiful belltower which provides you a great panoramic view of Split, nearby islands and Marjan hill.
  • Jupiter temple - Gothic Church's baptistry - 43.508324, 16.439562 - 5 kn Ancient Roman temple which became St. John's church.
  • Getski vrtal | Ul. Dominisova 43.508850, 16.440333 is the smallest park in Split, situated in the Diocletian's palace at the Dominisova street (Marko Antonio De Dominis street). In that park are beautiful traditional Dalmatian tiramolas. During the summer these are full of clothes drying in the sunshine. In every guidebook about Split you have pictures from the Getski vrtal. It is the location of a 500-year-old stone house which was destroyed during World War II.
  • Two original Egyptian sphinxes- One is located on Peristil square, and the other in front of Jupiter's temple or St. John's church. They were brought from Egypt by Roman emperor Diocletian.

Gardien du Temple de Vulcain Split - Croatie

Beyond the Diocletian's Palace

  • Riva is the main city promenade. Since 2007, Riva has a new, modern appearance, which isn't up to the taste of some who used to it's authentic look.
  • Marjan - a hill situated on the west of Split. Marjan is an oasis for many people who look for a natural stress relief, a great place for long walks, jogging, and bike rides. Marjan's peak, Telegrin is 174 m high and gives a wonderful panoramic view of Split. South cliffs are popular within alpine climbers. St. Nicholas church is situated on the east of Marjan, on its south side are beautiful St. Jeronimus church and "Gospe od Betlema" church (Madonna of Betlehem). House building is strictly forbidden in order to save Marjan - the lungs of Split.
  • Varoš - one of the oldest parts of town. A place where most of the city peasants and fishermen lived. Charming streets and beautiful small houses.
  • Galerija Meštrović - 43.504306, 16.417917 - Ivan Meštrović Gallery Ivan Mestrovic Gallery The gallery contains works of Ivan Meštrović, famous Croatian sculptor.
  • Archaeological Museum - 43.515556, 16.434444 - Split Archaeological Museum (10421438644) The oldest museum in Croatia (1820), about 20 min walk north of the old town (entry 20 kn). Many artifacts and monuments from Roman colonies Salona and Narona.
  • Old graveyards - Sustipan and old Yahudi cemetery

Best things to do in Split


  • Split city beach - 43.500815, 16.445582 Continue south past the busstation, follow the road which goes by the tracks, and from the bridge over the tracks you can take a stairs down to the beach. free If you have a longer stop-over in Split, 5 mins south of the passenger terminal and the train and bus stations lies Split's city beach where you can take a plunge in the Adriatic.
  • Sunbathe and swim on the beach at Bačvice. To reach this beach walk south along the waterfront from the bus station and then follow the road that crosses the railway line. There are many cafes and places to eat ice cream. This is certainly not the best beach in Croatia (it is packed solid most of summer), but it will give you a feeling of 'real' Croatia as the vast majority of people who go there are from Split. There are also beaches around hill Marjan. Most popular are Kaštelet, Kašjuni and beautiful pine forest beach Bene. On Bene beach there is a restaurant and a recreation centre. Bus No. 12 travels there.
  • Climb the campanile bell tower next to the palace mausoleum. The stairs cling to the inside of the tower, and in places the steps cross the large open window spaces. The ascent is certainly not for those with vertigo, but the views from the top are marvelous. It costs 10 kn to go up the bell tower.
  • The historic core of Split with Diocletian palace is among the first urban complexes to enter the list of the UNESCO world legacy in year 1979. Most probably this one of a kind Imperial Palace was built from 298-305 AD and is one of the most significant original structures of the period mostly because so much of it has been preserved. Later this Palace contributed to the broadening of the town because as the city evolved beyond its walls. The unique substructure halls were newley explored and each year more of them are opened to the public. Some have fascinating artefacts on display. May - Oct 10:00-19:00. November - Apr, opens at 11:00, duration 90 min. In English language. Starts in front of the tourist info centre, please arrive 15 min before tour is due to commence.
  • Green Market (Pazar) - Split's Pazar is the place to go for a variety of wares such as fruits and veggies, clothing and other odds and ends. Lots of local colour and excitement.
  • Picigin | Bačvice - Traditional beach game with a small ball (Bačvice beach). In summer every year there is a world championship in picigin.
  • Grgur Ninski - It is said that if you touch the big toe of the statue and make a wish your wish will come true.
  • Poljud stadium - Poljud stadium known to local residents as "Poljudska Ljepotica" (Poljud Beauty")is a second largest stadium in Croatia and has a capacity of 36,000 people. The stadium was originally constructed by the Yugoslavian government as part of the facilities for the 1979 Mediterranean Games and was oficially opened by Josip Broz Tito, who was avowed fan of the team who play their home games in Poljud HNK Hajduk Split. By far the most important and revered sports team in Dalmatia, a dedicated fanbase around the world has followed Hajduk throughout the team's history. There are numerous anecdotes about Hajduk never played without at least some of their loyal fans in the stands and the Torcida. It is the oldest supporters group in Europe. If you are going to visit some match do not go on north part, which is the cheapest one, that part is reserved for Torcida.
  • Seabob. Explore some beaches above or below water with a SEABOB.


There are lots of companies running boats, such as Busabout, Topdeck and Contiki.

The majority of sailing charters start from the city of Split. There are many charter agencies where you can charter a sailing or motor yacht which are based in Split. Most of them operate from ACI marina Split, marina Zenta or marina Spinut. There are also many charter agencies based in marina Kastela which is based in the vicinity of Split.

When you charter a yacht through a charter agency and arrive to the designated marina there are a few things that need to be done.

The most important thing is the yacht check in (usually Saturday around 16:00). Take your time doing yacht check in. Familiarise yourself with the chartered yacht and with the yacht equipment. The rule of thumb is the more time you take for the yacht check in and the less time you will need for the yacht check out.

After that you have to do the shopping for the charter vacation. Don't neglect the groceries shopping because the sea is unpredictable and you don't want to get stuck on the boat without sufficient provisions of food and drink.

You can do the shopping in a marina although the prices are usually much higher there, or you can order from yacht provisioning services who usually deliver the products to the marina at no extra fee. In Jam Yacht Supply offer an online provisioning catalogue and you can order from a large selection of groceries and other products months in advance, everything you order awaits for you at the marina.

  • Daily boat tours - ☎ +385 95 6129 500 - Daily boat tours from Split to Hvar, Brac and other attractions such as Blue Cave, and Green Cave.
  • Daily sailing tours - ☎ +385 21 717 813 - Daily sailing tours from Split to Brac, Hvar and other nearby destinations.
  • Yacht charter Split - Rogač ☎ +385 1 4882 209 | Opening Hours: 08:00-19:00 - One of the most popular yacht charter spots, Split is considered by many to be the starting point to any exploration route of the central Dalmatian coast.
  • Catamaran charter Split, +385 95 869 6420 , Most popular way to explore islands in the Split area.
  • Speed boat tours from Split - Obala Lazareta 1 ☎ +3859777447417 | Opening Hours: 07:00-23:00 - Best way to visit more than 1 island in a day. Starting from the strict downtown- waterfront promenade "Riva"- Right in front of the Diocletian Palace’s southern basements entrance. Day speed boat tour to the Blue cave, Hvar island, Brač island & Vis island.
  • Yachting ACI Marina in Split - Uvala Baluni 8 HR-21000 Split ☎ +385 21 398-599 | Opening Hours: 08:00-19:00ACI Marina in Split is located on the left side of the bay in Split. It is purposed for touristic sailing yachts and motorboats not longer than 20 metres. Bigger boats and gullets are not allowed to anchor there - they should stay in main Split harbour. Marina is equipped with parking places, small market. GPS coordinates for sailors: North 43° 30' 155 E 16° 25' 801.

Muslim Friendly Shopping in Split

  • Pazar | Stari Pazar 2 43.507363,16.441673 - Green market with perfect fruit, vegetables and more. The best time to visit the market is Saturday morning.
  • Ribarnica - Obrov 2 43.509114, 16.437392 - Fish market.
  • Marmontova - 43.508954, 16.436829 - Shopping street in the centre.
Shopping malls
  • Downtown One | Vukovarska 207 Opening Hours: daily 09:00-21:00, cinema and caffe bars 09:00-23:00 Opened in 2010. 3 floors (5 garage levels) and Cineplexx cinema.
  • Joker Put Brodarice 6. Opened in 2007. 50 shops on 4 floors with Tommy supermarket, DM, Hervis sports shop, Deichmann and a McDonalds. 15-20 min walk from the downtown with buses stopping near the front of the centre. There is a cinema on the first floor. The top floor has fitness club, restaurant and a sky bar with an outdoor swimming pool.

Halal Restaurants in Split

Split,offers a range of Halal dining options for Muslim travelers. Here’s a guide to some of the best Halal restaurants in Split, ensuring you enjoy delicious and diverse cuisine during your visit.

Kebab House

Rating: 3.9 (680 reviews)
Location: Ul. na Tupini 1
Hours: Open until 4 AM
Contact: +385 21 786 779

Kebab House is a popular spot known for its tasty Kebab. Although the service can be slow at times, the flavorful Halal food makes it worth the wait. This restaurant is ideal for those looking for a satisfying meal after a day of exploring Split.


Rating: 4.3 (635 reviews)
Location: Vukovarska ul. 91
Hours: Open until 12 AM
Contact: +385 21 257 349

Renowned for serving the best Kebab and Halal food in Split, Kebabsito offers a delightful dining experience. The quality and taste of their dishes have made it a favorite among locals and tourists alike.

My KebabSplit

Rating: 4.6 (319 reviews)
Location: Matošića ul. 8
Hours: Open until 1 AM
Contact: +385 99 336 3333

My KebabSplit stands out for its excellent Kebab and friendly staff. The restaurant provides a cozy atmosphere and delicious Halal food, making it a must-visit for anyone looking to enjoy a great meal in Split.

Makedonska Kuca

Rating: 4.5 (1,317 reviews)
Location: Ul. Jurja Dobrile 1
Hours: Open until 11 PM
Contact: +385 21 467 760
Website: Makedonska Kuca

Offering a blend of Macedonian and Halal cuisine, Makedonska Kuca is perfect for those who want to explore different flavors. This restaurant provides dine-in, takeaway, and no-contact delivery options, catering to various dining preferences.

Balkan Kitchen Ćevapi & Kebab Fontana

Rating: 3.9 (366 reviews)
Location: Ul. kralja Tomislava 3
Hours: Open until 1 AM
Contact: +385 99 821 9234
Website: Balkan Kitchen

Situated in the Old Town, Balkan Kitchen offers a mix of traditional Balkan and Halal dishes. It’s a great spot to enjoy a hearty meal while soaking in the historic ambiance of Split.

Halal Fast Food "FERAL" Split

Rating: 4.5 (101 reviews)
Location: Ul. Tolstojeva 30
Contact: +385 91 601 0666

FERAL was known for its fast and tasty Halal food options, appreciated by many before it closed its doors.

Split offers a variety of Halal dining options, ensuring Muslim travelers can enjoy delicious meals throughout their stay. From Kebab shops to Macedonian cuisine, the city’s diverse culinary landscape caters to different tastes and preferences. Make sure to explore these restaurants for an enjoyable and Halal-friendly dining experience in Split, Croatia.

eHalal Group Launches Halal Guide to Split

Split - eHalal Travel Group, a leading provider of innovative Halal travel solutions for Muslim travelers to Split, is thrilled to announce the official launch of its comprehensive Halal and Muslim-Friendly Travel Guide for Split. This groundbreaking initiative aims to cater to the diverse needs of Muslim travelers, offering them a seamless and enriching travel experience in Split and its surrounding regions.

With the steady growth of Muslim tourism worldwide, eHalal Travel Group recognizes the importance of providing Muslim travelers with accessible, accurate, and up-to-date information to support their travel aspirations to Split. The Halal and Muslim-Friendly Travel Guide is designed to be a one-stop resource, offering an array of invaluable information on various travel aspects, all carefully curated to align with Islamic principles and values.

The Travel Guide encompasses a wide range of features that will undoubtedly enhance the travel experience for Muslim visitors to Split. Key components include:

Halal-Friendly Accommodations in Split: A carefully selected list of hotels, lodges, and vacation rentals that cater to halal requirements, ensuring a comfortable and welcoming stay for Muslim travelers in Split.

Halal Food, Restaurants and Dining in Split: A comprehensive directory of restaurants, eateries, and food outlets offering halal-certified or halal-friendly options in Split, allowing Muslim travelers to savor local cuisines without compromising their dietary preferences in Split.

Prayer Facilities: Information on masjids, prayer rooms, and suitable locations for daily prayers in Split, ensuring ease and convenience for Muslim visitors in fulfilling their religious obligations.

Local Attractions: An engaging compilation of Muslim-friendly attractions, cultural sites such as Museums, and points of interest in Split, enabling travelers to explore the city's rich heritage while adhering to their values.

Transport and Logistics: Practical guidance on transportation options that accommodate Muslim travel needs, ensuring seamless movement within Split and beyond.

Speaking about the launch, Irwan Shah, Chief Technology Officer of eHalal Travel Group in Split, stated, "We are thrilled to introduce our Halal and Muslim-Friendly Travel Guide in Split, a Muslim friendly destination known for its cultural richness and historical significance. Our goal is to empower Muslim travelers with accurate information and resources, enabling them to experience the wonders of Split without any concerns about their faith-based requirements. This initiative reaffirms our commitment to creating inclusive and memorable travel experiences for all our clients."

The eHalal Travel Group's Halal and Muslim-Friendly Travel Guide for Split is now accessible on this page. The guide will be regularly updated to ensure that Muslim travelers have access to the latest information, thus reinforcing its status as a reliable companion for Muslim travelers exploring Split.

About eHalal Travel Group:

eHalal Travel Group Split is a prominent name in the global Muslim travel industry, dedicated to providing innovative and all-inclusive travel solutions tailored to the needs of Muslim travelers worldwide. With a commitment to excellence and inclusivity, eHalal Travel Group aims to foster a seamless travel experience for its clients while respecting their religious and cultural values.

For Halal business inquiries in Split, please contact:

eHalal Travel Group Split Media: info@ehalal.io

Buy Muslim Friendly condos, Houses and Villas in Split

eHalal Group Split is a prominent real estate company specializing in providing Muslim-friendly properties in Split. Our mission is to cater to the specific needs and preferences of the Muslim community by offering a wide range of halal-certified residential and commercial properties, including houses, condos, and factories. With our commitment to excellence, client satisfaction, and adherence to Islamic principles, eHalal Group has established itself as a trusted name in the real estate industry in Split.

At eHalal Group, we understand the importance of meeting the unique requirements of Muslim individuals and families seeking properties that align with their cultural and religious trainings. Our extensive portfolio of Muslim-friendly properties in Split ensures that clients have access to a diverse selection of options tailored to their needs. Whether it's a luxurious villa, a modern condominium, or a fully equipped factory, our team is dedicated to assisting clients in finding their ideal property.

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Muslim Friendly hotels in Split

There is a wide variety of private accommodation available in Split, as well as a few hostels. Some of the best prices can probably be obtained by going to the bus station or ferry terminal and haggling with the many people there offering accommodation - even fairly late at night and there are still many people offering beds.

News & References Split

Explore more Halal friendly Destinations from Split

  • Hvar - A day trip by boat to this island is well worth the effort. Boats leave five times a day in peak season (July–August), three times a day outside this period (a single trip cost about 42 kn to Stari Grad on Hvar). Hvar town is small but extremely attractive, with numerous large yachts moored in the harbour. If using the left luggage service ensure you thoroughly check the prices and conditions of use.
  • Brač - An alternative could be the boat to the island of Brač which is just the other side of the water. Boats leave up to 10 times daily and it takes you 1 hours to Supetar. The last ferry back to Split leaves at 22:45. Try renting a bike or scooter for adventuring the island. When renting, take into account that the rental service normally closes rather early but when you ask for it and they are quite flexible as most people are in Split. A return ferry ticket should cost about 70 kn and has no time restrictions within the same day.
  • Šolta is another gorgeous island easily reachable by ferry from Split within an hour. It's more laid back than Hvar and less touristy than Brač, mostly frequented by Croatian tourists. Great bays, clear water, historic towns and local honey, and olives.
  • Krka National Park - one of eight national parks in Croatia. Enjoy in beautiful waterfalls and visit old monastery on the island Visovac.
  • Omiš - this little town is situated on the mouth of Cetina river and its magnificent canyon. It is ideal place for rafting and canyoning.
  • Horse Club - in village called Donje Ogorje you can ride a horse in the nature. It will cost you 100 kn for one hour. There is also an option for riding and sleeping in the nature for several days.
  • Makarska - a popular resort city with beautiful beaches, 60 kilometers southeast of Split. Frequent buses (price 40-50 kn one way).
  • Bosnia and Herzegovina - feasible day trips by regular scheduled bus include Mostar, Međugorje,Travnik and even Zenica.

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