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Heathrow Airport

Heathrow Airport (IATA Flight Code: LHR) is the main airport for London and the largest airport in the United Kingdom, and the second busiest in the world in terms of international passenger traffic. It is located in the west of London, 17 miles (27 km) from central London. It is the primary hub for the UK's national carrier, British Airways, and for Virgin Atlantic.

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London Heathrow is a giant, sprawling airport divided into four passenger terminals (numbered 2, 3, 4 and 5). It was established in the late 1940s, and is London's primary airport and the premier air gateway into the United Kingdom. It is also the second busiest airport in the world for international passenger traffic and Europe's foremost hub airport.

Due to its size, increased security requirements and the fact that development had not kept pace with its growth, Heathrow has became overcrowded and has developed a reputation for long queues, inefficiency and delays. It has only two runways although its traffic is more typical of airports with four or more, so delays are common, particularly during inclement weather. Terminal 2 was rebuilt as "The Queen's Terminal", and opened in June 2014. Terminal 1 closed permanently in June 2015 and its operations were absorbed into Terminal 2.

Heathrow does not have good snow clearing facilities, and the airport often has to be shut down during snowstorms in the winter.

Muslim Friendly Flights from Heathrow Airport

A long, drawn out game of musical terminals is being played by the airlines at Heathrow: British Airways is gradually moving all of its Flights to Terminals 5 and 3. While British Airways is doing this and the other airlines are moving round to better use the space that has been vacated. Eventually, all of the Airline alliances|airline alliances (Oneworld, Star Alliance and SkyTeam) are to have their own terminal which their members use, thus minimising the number of connecting passengers who have to switch terminals.

As of March 2017, Heathrow's four passenger terminals are assigned as follows:

  Terminal 2
Star Alliance and a few non-aligned airlines
  Terminal 3
Oneworld (except Malaysia Airlines, Qatar-Airways, Iberia and most British Airways destinations), Virgin Atlantic, Delta Air Lines, Garuda Indonesia, Middle East Airlines and several non-aligned airlines
  Terminal 4
SkyTeam (except Delta Air Lines, Garuda Indonesia and Middle East Airlines), Malaysia Airlines, Qatar-Airways and most non-aligned airlines
  Terminal 5
British Airways (most destinations, except those at Terminal 3) and Iberia

Ground transportation

By car

The airport is some 17 miles (27 kilometers) west of central London. A large part of the journey can be made by means of the M4 motorway, which can, however, be quite congested at peak periods. Terminal 5 can be visited directly from junction 14 of the M25. The airport is also near the M40 and M3.

The vehicle rental depots are all concentrated along the northern periphery of the airport, and free shuttle buses are available from all terminals. There can be time delays when arriving at the hire desk with large queues so make every effort to get to the desk before the crowd, perhaps by getting one member of the party with hand luggage to go straight through. You may find at early morning or late evening that the arrivals hall desk is closed and you have to go straight onto the shuttle bus and check out your rental at the depot instead.

If you are intending to drive into the centre of London you will be liable for the Congestion Charge, which is £11.50 per day and applies on Monday-Friday 7AM Monday - 6PM.Automatic number plate recognition cameras are in operation, and your vehicle rental company will track you down and bill you with the hefty fine if you fail to pay.

Parking your car

Different vehicle parks have different procedures. There is no shortage of choice when parking your vehicle at Heathrow but there are many procedures to follow depending on which vehicle park you choose. Some simply get you to turn up and report to a reception area which is easy enough. However some others have different procedures such as using the credit card you used to pre book with to enter the vehicle park or even registration plate recognition.

There is also a massive difference in the prices charged by many vehicle parks in and around Heathrow. For example, you can find individual house owners in the vicinity of the airport who are happy to rent you a space outside their house for a week or two and it’s usually very affordable in comparison to the large vehicle park operators; however, this is definitely a case of "buyer beware"!

Of course and there is no security at these spaces – you get what you pay for to some extent – plus you often find that you are left to your own devices to get to the airport. This could mean public transport if you’re lucky, but more often than not, it means getting a taxi both there and back. This usually results in negating any of the cost savings you have made in the parking itself.

Public transport to and from London

Heathrow rail links

All the terminals have very good public transport links to and from central London, with options ranging from local and express buses to the London Underground and rail services. The majority of travellers heading to central London use public transport as it the easiest way to go. Note that there are different railway stations for the five terminals at Heathrow - be sure you take the right train as not all trains go to the same terminals. You can usually check the front of the train or listen to the onboard announcements for an idea of where the train is going.

Muslim Friendly Rail Holidays in Heathrow Airport

  • Heathrow Express | Opening Hours: 05:33-23:48 (Terminals 2 & 3) - peak times 06:30-09:30 and 16:00-19:00 Single: off-peak £22, peak £25, on-board £27; Return: £35, on-board £37. Oyster Cards are valid, off-peak £22, peak £25 The quickest way to central London from Terminals 3 & 5 is the Heathrow Express rail service, but it is also by far the most expensive. The train departs from Terminal 5 every 15 minutes, stops at Terminal 3 and then runs non-stop to London Paddington, Central London, where connections are available to the rest of London’s transport system. It does not operate directly to Terminal 4; you must take a connecting (TFL Rail) train to Terminals 3 and change - cross platform - to the Express. Journey time from Terminal 5 to London Paddington is 21 minutes, and from Terminals 1 & 3 it’s 15 minutes.
    The trains are air-conditioned, modern, comfortable and are fully accessible with a wheelchair area, disabled toilet and level access to the station platforms. Free Wi-Fi Internet access is available on board. Mobile phone coverage is available throughout the entire route, including in the tunnels under Heathrow. On board TV entertainment plays throughout the journey, offering Al Jazeera News bulletins, destination information, comedy clips and trivia. Quiet zones are available where this does not play. There are two classes of lodging - Express (Standard) Class and First Class. First Class offers a larger seat, more legroom (though there’s plenty in Express Class), tables and complimentary newspapers. The First Class area of the train also stops closer to the station exits. Since the journey is only about 15 minutes long either way and the First Class area is something of a real luxury and really only for those with money to burn.
    Fares can be purchased in advance on the internet, from the station or on board the train and they vary in price depending on where you bought them. National Railcard discounts are available at Heathrow Express station ticket offices only (with the exception of Disabled Persons Railcard, which can be used on-board). Child fares (5–15 years inclusive) are about half the adult fare. Under 5s travel free. If you book your ticket online you can obtain it sent to you as an email message to print out or as a mobile phone picture message, both contain a barcode and the conductor scans this on the train.
    London Travelcards and Oyster Cards are valid on the Heathrow Express as of 19th February 2019.
  • TfL Rail | Direct from Terminals 2 & 3, and via a connection from T4 and T5 Opening Hours: 05:29-23:30 (Terminals 2 & 3) To London Paddington: single £10.30, open return £20.70; To Hayes & Harlington £6.30 Adult Single. Oyster and Contactless cards are accepted. It follows the same route to London Paddington as the Heathrow Express but is a slower, less frequent train which also serves intermediate local stations in West London. It’s cheaper than the Heathrow Express and it serves Terminal 4 directly, but passengers needing to get to Terminal 5 have to switch to a connecting service at Terminal 3. TfL Rail provides a convenient connection to London Underground’s Central Line at Ealing Broadway station. Trains depart Terminal 2,3 for London Paddington every 30 minutes, stops: Hayes & Harlington, Southall, Hanwell, West Ealing and Ealing Broadway. Journey time from Terminal 3 to London Paddington is 28min. From December 2019, trains will continue into central London after stopping at Paddington, serving stations in the Gulf countries End, City of London, Canary Wharf and North-East London.
    The trains are air-conditioned, modern and accessible with a wheelchair area and disabled toilet. Although Heathrow and London Paddington stations have step free access, be aware that not all intermediate stations are wheelchair accessible (although TfL are working to ensure that all stations on the route will be step-free to platform level by December 2023).

Audio and visual journey information is provided on board. Mobile phone coverage is available throughout the route, including in the tunnels under Heathrow.
This service is the former Heathrow Connect train and is now operated by Transport for London. From Autumn 2019 the route will be extended into Central London and beyond when it becomes the Elizabeth Lin (Crossrail).
Tickets must be purchased before boarding the train (tickets will be checked on board and those found not to be holding a ticket will have to pay a penalty fare) and can be purchased at station ticket offices or online (only to London Paddington). Child fares (5–15 years inclusive) are about half the adult fare, or 75p (off-peak) and 85p (peak) when travelling with a Zip Oyster card. Under 5s travel free.

  • SouthWest Trains - Bus link from Terminals 2 & 3, bus 285, and Terminals 4 & 5, bus 490, to Feltham train station. Opening Hours: Trains every 20 minutes Although a slower route, if you are heading for south London or the west London suburbs, London/Richmond-Kew|Richmond or Windsor and Eton|Windsor, this could prove a useful shortcut. Regular bus services run from the airport to Feltham station (single fare £1.30 on Oyster) and a frequent east-west rail line runs between Reading and London Waterloo (single fare £5). Depending on the route, some trains take 30 minutes (trains via Richmond), others take 45 minutes (trains via Hounslow and Kew), so it is advised to check the train times carefully if you are rushing to catch a plane. You must buy your train ticket before boarding as this is not an airport express train but a standard suburban rail service. You can use Oyster cards valid for zone 6 to use the train and bus on this route.

By Tube

London Underground’s Piccadilly line direct to central London. Up to every 5 minutes (dependent on terminal). Oyster cards are valid.

The Piccadilly line runs direct from all the terminals to the very centre of London, stopping at stations close to many of London’s monuments, shopping and entertainment areas, as well as the major transport hub at King’s Cross St. Pancras. However and the small, cramped Tube carriages have no luggage space to speak of and many central London stations that are deep underground have yet to install step-free access, making the Piccadilly line far from ideal for Muslim travellers with lots of luggage. The line also has a large number of stops and is comparatively slow (60 minutes from Terminal 5 to King’s Cross St. Pancras at the far end of central London, vs 45 minutes using the Heathrow Express and changing to the Tube at Paddington). Nonetheless, it is an integral part of Transport for London’s network so Travelcards, Oyster cards, and Contactless credit or debit cards are valid, making it a good value option. It’s also a better option if you want to get to much of west London instead of having to go into Paddington and then back out again.

Trains depart Terminals 4 & 5 every 10 minutes and stop at Terminals 2 & 3 before continuing to London, thus making the frequency from Terminals 2 & 3 every 5 minutes. Trains to and from Terminal 5 do not stop at Terminal 4 and trains to and from Terminal 4 do not stop at Terminal 5. Be aware that if you are heading from central London to Terminals 2 & 3 then it is normally quicker to wait for a train which terminates at Terminal 5 as the trains to Terminal 4 wait there for up to 7 minutes before continuing to Terminals 2 & 3. Terminal 5 trains go directly to Terminals 1 & 3 first and then continue to Terminal 5. The Tube closes during the night for maintenance work and the first trains leave Heathrow at about 06:00. Last trains are around 00:00, but check beforehand!

Be aware that during peak rush hour periods the Tube becomes extremely overcrowded, particularly in the central zones. Trains designated for Heathrow are sometimes rerouted down the Rayners Lane branch or terminate short at Acton Town or Northfields to deal with peak-hour congestion - the driver will normally make an announcement if this is going to happen. If you are using the Tube to travel to Heathrow during rush hour, ensure that you leave central London in plenty of time. Also, try to join the train as far up the line as feasible - King's Cross Street Pancras is a good bet - since you will stand a much better chance of finding a seat and somewhere to put your luggage. Also, if you are going to T4 or T5 and a train to the other terminal comes along and it looks like it has space, it can be a good bet to get on that train and then get off at Hatton Cross station (just before Heathrow) and wait until the right train comes along, since in central London the train you actually want may be very crowded.

As the Tube is a rapid transport system designed with short journeys in mind and the trains are not as comfortable as a mainline train. However, from Heathrow there will almost always be seats available and luggage space is provided. There is space for wheelchairs and the Heathrow stations are accessible, but as the first parts of the Tube system were built in the 19th century, very few stations in central London are accessible to wheelchairs. Almost all involve negotiating staircases and escalators. Earls Court is an exception and some other stations can be visited by wheelchair users by changing to alternative lines here. More stations are being adapted (King’s Cross St. Pancras is now accessible, for instance). Audio and visual journey information is usually provided on board.


The Tube is a closed system and nearly all stations have ticket barriers. Penalty fares are in force for those caught without a valid ticket for the zones they are travelling through. An example fare for travel from Zone 6 (the zone the airport is in) to Zone 1 (central London, including King's Cross St. Pancras) is:

Oyster/Contactless (peak, Monday to Friday from 0630 to 0930) Oyster/Contactless (off peak, all other times) Cash (any time)
£7.10 £5.10 £9.00

Travelcards (day, or period tickets which allow unlimited travel on all of London’s public transport, not just the Tube) are available and will almost certainly provide better value if you plan on using London’s transport system more than a couple of times. The cheapest option for anyone spending a longer time in London will probably be to get an Oyster card (a Transport for London travel smartcard) or to use a Contactless credit or debit card, which is always cheaper and easier than paying fares in cash. However and the Oyster card can only be returned (including getting back your deposit) after 25 hours or more of purchase.

By coach

  • National Express coach - direct to London Victoria Coach Station Opening Hours: approx. 07:00-23:30 to LONDON Victoria Coach Station from £6; transfer to Gatwick Airport £20; London Travel cards and Oyster Cards are not valid A direct coach service from Heathrow Central Bus Station to London Victoria Coach Station every 30min. Journey times are 40-50min. Tickets can be purchased from the National Express ticket office at Heathrow Bus station or on the Internet. Some services operate via Terminals 4 & 5, but the service is more limited. Free transfer is available to Terminals 2 & 3 and the Central Bus Station from Terminals 4 & 5 via the Heathrow Express and Connect trains or the shuttle bus services. All coaches are accessible to wheelchairs.

Travel on a Bus in Heathrow Airport

Day time local buses to the areas surrounding Heathrow.

In the day time there are no local bus services to central London (that service is provided by the Tube), but there are plenty of services to areas of west London and outlying towns such as Slough and Maidenhead.

Fares vary depending on the operator, but Transport for London services (red buses) are subject to the standard flat fare when paying by cash (Travelcards and Oyster Cards are also valid on these buses).

If you really want to go by local bus during the day from central London (perhaps you have a bus pass not valid on trains or coaches), expect a journey time of about three hours, depending on exactly where you start from.

N9 Regular late night London Bus Service.

During the night, when most of the rail and coach links (and the flights!) have stopped operating, one of the few ways you can get to and from Heathrow is by using the N9 night bus service, which operates to and from Aldwych in central London via Hammersmith.

The service runs every 20 minutes on weeknights and takes around 1 hour and 10 minutes to Heathrow Central Bus Station and continues to Terminal 5. The service is operated using modern, accessible, low-floor busses with a wheelchair space.

The N9 is a normal Transport for London Night Bus service and so is subject to a flat cash fare of £2.00. All Travelcards and Oyster Cards are valid on London Bus services.

Best way to travel in Heathrow Airport by a Taxi

  • Black cabs - London’s famous black taxis - are available for hire outside each terminal. Journey time into Central London varies wildly depending on distance, time of day and traffic conditions. It can take anything from 40 minutes to 2 hours. Fares vary similarly, as a rough guide it could cost about £55 to Central London.
  • Minicabs (private hire cars) must be ordered in advance by phone (or internet in some cases) and usually cost less than a black cab. Never take a minicab if you haven't pre-booked it, because then it's just a stranger's car! Here are some private hire companies that that can be pre booked: Addison Lee, Green Tomato Cars, Majestic Taxis & Chauffeur Driven Cars, Black Lane]. All these companies provide a meet & greet service and their drivers will meet you in the arrivals area of the relevant terminal with a sign displaying your name.

If you are thinking of taking a taxi into London then consider the Heathrow Express (you can pick up a taxi at Paddington station to complete your journey). They will probably be faster and affordableer, and almost as easy to use.

Public transport to the rest of the UK

By coach

  • National Express - Operate direct coach services from Heathrow to many cities around the UK, as well as direct links to all of the other London airports. Most coaches serve Terminal 5 as well as the Central Bus Station, some stop at Terminal 4. You should give careful consideration as to whether National Express is the right means for you compared to rail, as there is a three-way tradeoff between price, speed and convenience in play.
  • One significant benefit of National Express' service is that they have a generous luggage allowance, dedicated holds for the same on their coaches and direct routes from all three terminals, meaning that while NatEx may be slower than the train (often by hours) it is also significantly less hassle and usually a lot cheaper into the bargain - especially if booked in advance. You are also guaranteed a seat, as unlike rail (where unlimited tickets can be sold for a given journey and you may be expected to stand if you can't find an open seat) National Express will not sell more tickets than they have seats available, and these seats are usually comfortable and relatively roomy. Given that rail journeys will often involve multiple changes onto services that may have limited luggage storage space, and journeys on the London Underground, which is often absolutely ram packed and has absolutely no luggage storage whatsoever, this makes National Express arguably the easiest and most comfortable means of getting to Heathrow from around the nation with anything other than a carry-on bag.
  • The downside is that the coaches run, obviously, on normal roads and will stop at any number of small towns on the way to their final destinations - any delay (particularly on the notoriously traffic jam-prone M25 orbital motorway around London) can therefore be catastrophic if you have a tight connection, and the journey will be a lot slower and more circuitous than any on rail. National Express also offer limited to no compensation in the event of delays (whereas the railways have a regulated delay repay scheme and a legal duty of care to get you to your destination no matter what, even by taxi if need be - albeit not in any particular timescale) and their client service is often dubious at best.

Additionally, while some National Express services stop at well-lit, staffed and pleasant central bus stations or even dedicated coach terminals (e.g. Norwich's modern central bus station or Southampton's dedicated National Express terminal in the downtown), many if not most pick up and drop off points will be at normal roadside municipal bus stops which may or may not have seating or even a shelter, and will have no direct contact point with National Express if anything goes wrong. This compares unfavourably to rail, where stations almost invariably are well lit, have seating, have shelters (if not heated and lit waiting rooms), often have manned ticket offices to provide assistance and are covered by CCTV.

  • The Airline - Adult: single £23, day return £24, period return £29 Oxford Bus operate a 24 hour frequent (every 20 minutes during the day) coach shuttle service to and from Oxford.

Connections with trains:

  • RailAir - Central Bus Station (Terminals 2 & 3), Terminal 5, Reading station ☎ +44 118 957-9425 - Adult single £20.00 (advance online or via iOS and Android app £17.00) First runs express coach between Heathrow Central Bus Station and the Reading train station to connect with train services.
  • National Express coaches - to Woking station for trains to Aldershot, Winchester, Salisbury, Portsmouth, Southampton and Bournemouth
  • Bus #285 - to Feltham for trains to Richmond, Camberley, Bracknell, London Waterloo, Clapham Junction and the South ☎ +44 20 7222 1234 Single under £5
  • Bus #490 - from Terminal 5 to London/Richmond-upon-Thames|Richmond via Terminal 4, Hatton Cross and Feltham station. ☎ +44 20 7222 1234 Single under £5

Muslim Friendly Rail Holidays in Heathrow Airport

Heathrow does not yet have any direct rail services to anywhere outside of London, meaning that you will have to go into the centre of the city and then come back out again, but making a connection in one of the central London train stations is fairly easy.

Through tickets are available to & from Heathrow Airport from any station in the UK, using either the Tube network, Heathrow Express or Connect from central London or the RailAir coach links. If you want to use the Heathrow Express it’ll probably be cheaper to buy your ticket for it separately. Make sure you specify the method you want to use to reach Heathrow when you buy your rail ticket.

All of the major train stations are also on the Tube network, making cross-London connections from Paddington fairly straightforward. Below is a quick summary of the principal connections available:

If you plan on travelling on the Great Western line to the South West of England or South Wales then another option is to take the local U3 bus from the Central Bus Station to West Drayton train station. The bus takes around 20 minutes to complete this journey when there is no traffic. From there take a local train to Reading train station in order to connect to other services. The benefit of this route is that you are buying a normal railway ticket, as opposed to one that has a premium attached for a journey starting or ending at Heathrow.

Best way to travel in Heathrow Airport by a Taxi

There are many airport transfer services that provide personal transport services to Heathrow Airport. All transport companies that operate transfer services must be licensed with the relevant local authority. Drivers are issued a badge after undergoing various checks and vehicles are issued licenses confirming that they have passed rigorous safety checks and have the correct insurance in place. Drivers and vehicles are licensed as either Hackney Carriages or Private Hire, each one is covered by different regulations. When booking an airport transfer you should always check that the company has a license from the council. This is particularly important when booking over the internet or over the phone. Booking directly with a taxi company rather than with an online booking via eHalal Hotels agency will usually be more cost effective.

How to get around in Heathrow Airport

As it's such a difficult to understand and constantly changing place Heathrow has a significant internal transport system so people can get around. All travel within the airport boundary on local bus and Heathrow Express & Connect trains is free:

  • Terminals 2 & 3, as well as the Central Bus Station are all in the Central Terminal Area and are within walking distance, linked by underground tunnels with travelators. The Central Terminal Area is in the middle of the airport between the runways, Terminal 4 is in the south-eastern corner of the airport, beyond the southern runway and Terminal 5 is in the far west of the airport, between the runways.
  • To get from the Central Terminal Area to Terminal 4 you can take the free shuttle train (every 15 min journey ~20 min) or tube (free only with Oyster card).
  • To get from the Central Terminal Area to Terminal 5 you can take the free Heathrow Express train (every 15 min journey ~20 min) or tube (free only with Oyster card).
  • To transfer between Terminal 4 & 5 there is either buses (#482 or #490) (journey ~20 min) or you can take the train to the Central Terminal Area and change.
  • If you are connecting to another flight airside there is a network of free buses that will take you between terminals (if you need to change terminal).

It's always good to have a little extra time when transferring from one flight to another, and this is true especially in a place like Heathrow. On a really busy day or during inclement weather your plane may not be allowed to land at its scheduled time and therefore two or three hours is certainly not "too much" time, especially if your next flight departs from another terminal.


Heathrow encourages its passengers to wait near the restaurants, shops, and duty free areas by deliberately waiting to announce gate assignments until 60-90 minutes before flights depart. Pay attention to announcements and keep an eye on the time, lest you miss your flight.

None of the terminals have a viewing gallery that is accessible from landside, but the Heathrow Academy on the Northern Perimeter Road has a viewing deck which gives good views of the northern runway (27R/9L). It is adjacent to the Renaissance Hotel, and the buses within the airport campus (numbers 105, 111, 140 and 235) stop at the deck.

Hatton Cross tube station is also a good spot for viewing the end of the runways, depending on what time of day the aircraft are landing or departing.


Due to the prominent status of London as a destination, many airlines have their own specific lounges:

  • Aer Lingus Lounge | £30/€30
  • Air Canada Maple Leaf Lounge | Terminal 2B Opening Hours: 6:00-22:00
  • American Airlines Lounges
  • American Arrivals Lounge
  • American Admirals Club
  • British Airways Lounges
  • British Airways Concorde Room | Terminal 5 South Concourse, after security on Level 3After security, turn right and head toward "Millionare's Door" to take a First Class exclsuive passageway to the lounge - its almost at the southern end of the terminal - This elite, exclusive lounge only has one other location - New York JFK - and is restricted to British Airways First Class passengers and Concorde Card holders. It has, interestingly, three private cabanas available for rental, which are not available at the JFK location (more details below). It also has a terrace with a sweeping window where one can look at the flights, but be warned that there is a lack of outlets.
  • British Airways Concorde Room Cabanas Opening Hours: 05:30 - 22:00 Private room with a lounge chair and an ottoman, as well as an ordinary chair. Each one has a private bathroom, which means that it can be a good way to save time as the main showers of the Concorde Room are shared with other lounges. Room service available.
  • British Airways Galleries Club Lounge
  • British Airways First Class Lounge
  • British Airways First Class Club
  • Cathay Pacific Lounges
  • Cathay Pacific Business Class Lounge
  • Cathay Pacific First Class Lounge
  • Emirates Lounge | Terminal 3 Opening Hours: Open 24 hours
  • Gulf Air Falcon Gold Lounge | Terminal 4, between Gates 6 and 7
  • Malaysian Airlines Golden Lounge | Terminal 4, next to gate 6 at the Departures level Opening Hours: Open 4 hours before departure Access is complementary for Malaysia First and Business passengers as well as oneworld Emerald and Sapphire tier members.
  • United Airlines Lounges Terminal 2 opposite Gate B46
  • United Club Opening Hours: 05:00-22:00
  • United Global First Lounge

There are also several other lounges, which can be prebooked:

  • Plaza Premium Lounge
  • Club Aspire Lounge
  • No1 Lounges
  • No1 Lounges - Bedrooms | Terminal 3 Opening Hours: 06:00-22:00 The overnight lodging facility for Terminal 3, with stays of at least 3 hours required.
  • No1 Lounges - Lounge
  • Rest and Relaxation Room
  • SkyTeam Lounge | Opposite Gate 10, after security Opening Hours: 05:00-22:30 Available for First and Business class passengers on any international flight operated by a SkyTeam member airline as well as SkyTeam Elite Plus members regardless of class (only for departing and transfers, no arrivals). First Class passengers and their guest can enjoy a VIP area.
  • Aspire - The Lounge and Spa - Near Gate A18, after security Opening Hours: 05:00-22:30

Halal Food & Restaurants in Heathrow Airport

For Muslim travelers, finding Halal food options at an airport can often be a challenge. However, at London Heathrow Airport Airport and there is a fantastic Halal restaurant option available - Kaniz Restaurant.

Located on Bath Road, just a short distance from Heathrow Airport, Kaniz Restaurant offers a contemporary and luxurious dining experience. The restaurant's stylish decor and warm atmosphere make it a welcoming place to enjoy a meal before or after a flight.

The restaurant specializes in serving authentic Indian cuisine, freshly prepared every day by experienced and acclaimed chefs. The menu offers a wide range of Halal dishes, including Vegetarian and non-vegetarian options, to cater to every taste. From traditional Curries to tandoori specialties and the food is flavorful and delicious, making it a perfect choice for Muslim travelers looking for Halal food options.

Kaniz Restaurant is open seven days a week, making it a convenient option for travelers with layovers or those looking to grab a meal before a flight. The restaurant is also a popular choice for corporate clients and consumers looking to dine in style.

Madhu's Heathrow is located on Bath Road near Heathrow Airport, making it a convenient stop for those in transit or local residents looking for a delicious meal. The restaurant boasts a modern and elegant interior with designer lighting, creating a sophisticated atmosphere for diners.

The menu offers a range of classic Punjabi and robata grill dishes, all of which are halal. The prawns and lamb chops were particularly delicious, and the Curries tandoori thali was a standout dish. The grill platter was also highly recommended by diners, with flavorsome and well-cooked Meat.

Aside from the delicious food and the staff at Madhu's Heathrow were friendly and attentive, ensuring every guest had an enjoyable dining experience. The restaurant also offers parking facilities, making it easy for guests to visit.

Overall, Madhu's Heathrow is a fantastic halal restaurant option at London Heathrow Airport Airport, offering a modern and elegant setting with delicious authentic Indian cuisine.

Muslim Friendly Shopping in Heathrow Airport

Harrods Heathrow - Harrods at Heathrow.

Amongst its other attributes as an excellent orienteering course and exercise facility, Heathrow is also something of a haven for shoppers with branches of shops from the British high-street and beyond, including the London icons Harrods and Hamleys.

Telecommunications in Heathrow Airport

Internet access

Free WiFI is widely available in the airport. Connect to _Heathrow Wi-Fi. Paid upgrades are available for a faster connection. There are some USB power sockets and some mains sockets (UK sockets and a few European ones) in the lounge areas, but these are heavily used. There are also a few internet terminals for those who don't have their own device.

Prayer Facilities in Heathrow Airport

Muslim travelers can rest assured that they will have access to prayer facilities at Heathrow Airport. These facilities cater to the needs of Muslims, providing them with a comfortable and private space to perform their religious obligations.

The airport has several multi-faith prayer rooms in each terminal, making it convenient for Muslim passengers to access them from any terminal. These prayer rooms are located both before and after security, so passengers can easily access them at any point in their journey.

The prayer rooms are equipped with prayer mats and copies of the Holy Quran, so travelers do not need to bring their own. The prayer rooms are also kept clean and well-maintained, ensuring that they are a suitable and peaceful place for prayer.

Muslim travelers can also take advantage of the airport's ablution facilities, which are located near the prayer rooms. These facilities provide travelers with a place to perform ablution, or Wudu, before prayer.

Terminal 2 Departures (after security) near Gate A21

Terminal 2 Departures level (after security) by Gates B34 & B35

Terminal 3 Departures level (after security) by Gate 24

Terminal 3 Arrivals Hall, level 1

Terminal 4 Terminal 4 (before security) on the Mezzanine Level

Terminal 4 Departures (after security) near Gate 4

Terminal 5 Check-in Zone A - (Temporary room in use located nearby)

Terminal 5 Departures (after security) near Gate A8

Terminal 5 Terminal 5B (after security) near Gate B34

Terminal 5 Terminal 5C (after security) near Gate C52

eHalal Group Launches Halal Guide to Heathrow Airport

Heathrow Airport - eHalal Travel Group, a leading provider of innovative Halal travel solutions for Muslim travelers to Heathrow Airport, is thrilled to announce the official launch of its comprehensive Halal and Muslim-Friendly Travel Guide for Heathrow Airport. This groundbreaking initiative aims to cater to the diverse needs of Muslim travelers, offering them a seamless and enriching travel experience in Heathrow Airport and its surrounding regions.

With the steady growth of Muslim tourism worldwide, eHalal Travel Group recognizes the importance of providing Muslim travelers with accessible, accurate, and up-to-date information to support their travel aspirations to Heathrow Airport. The Halal and Muslim-Friendly Travel Guide is designed to be a one-stop resource, offering an array of invaluable information on various travel aspects, all carefully curated to align with Islamic principles and values.

The Travel Guide encompasses a wide range of features that will undoubtedly enhance the travel experience for Muslim visitors to Heathrow Airport. Key components include:

Halal-Friendly Accommodations inHeathrow Airport: A carefully selected list of hotels, lodges, and vacation rentals that cater to halal requirements, ensuring a comfortable and welcoming stay for Muslim travelers in Heathrow Airport.

Halal Food, Restaurants and Dining in Heathrow Airport: A comprehensive directory of restaurants, eateries, and food outlets offering halal-certified or halal-friendly options in Heathrow Airport, allowing Muslim travelers to savor local cuisines without compromising their dietary preferences in Heathrow Airport.

Prayer Facilities: Information on masjids, prayer rooms, and suitable locations for daily prayers in Heathrow Airport, ensuring ease and convenience for Muslim visitors in fulfilling their religious obligations.

Local Attractions: An engaging compilation of Muslim-friendly attractions, cultural sites such as Museums, and points of interest in Heathrow Airport, enabling travelers to explore the city's rich heritage while adhering to their values.

Transport and Logistics: Practical guidance on transportation options that accommodate Muslim travel needs, ensuring seamless movement within Heathrow Airport and beyond.

Speaking about the launch, Irwan Shah, Chief Technology Officer of eHalal Travel Group in Heathrow Airport, stated, "We are thrilled to introduce our Halal and Muslim-Friendly Travel Guide in Heathrow Airport, a Muslim friendly destination known for its cultural richness and historical significance. Our goal is to empower Muslim travelers with accurate information and resources, enabling them to experience the wonders of Heathrow Airport without any concerns about their faith-based requirements. This initiative reaffirms our commitment to creating inclusive and memorable travel experiences for all our clients."

The eHalal Travel Group's Halal and Muslim-Friendly Travel Guide for Heathrow Airport is now accessible on this page. The guide will be regularly updated to ensure that Muslim travelers have access to the latest information, thus reinforcing its status as a reliable companion for Muslim travelers exploring Heathrow Airport.

About eHalal Travel Group:

eHalal Travel Group Heathrow Airport is a prominent name in the global Muslim travel industry, dedicated to providing innovative and all-inclusive travel solutions tailored to the needs of Muslim travelers worldwide. With a commitment to excellence and inclusivity, eHalal Travel Group aims to foster a seamless travel experience for its clients while respecting their religious and cultural values.

For Halal business inquiries in Heathrow Airport, please contact:

eHalal Travel Group Heathrow Airport Media: info@ehalal.io

Muslim Friendly hotels in Heathrow Airport

There are four hotels located within airport grounds; 2 full-service hotels and 1 budget hotel.


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